Tuesday, January 24, 2012

50 Days...(you know)

If you could chose a living person to share a meal and conversation with, who would it be, what would you discuss, and why would you chose him or her?

Benedict XVI would be fantastic, Pink and her husband would be fun..the conversation with one would be one of spiritual direction, I adore Benedict, and would love his direction; the conversation with Pink would probably be about her music, and babies, because I really admire her as an artist, and love her attitude toward motherhood (from what I know of it).

What about you?


  1. OK, I am going to copy you flat-out and say Benedict XVI. We can have German food and beer, and he can talk to me about what faith and faithfulness should mean to a conflict-averse introverted borderline agnostic writer who gets ill at the mere mention of politics and--despite the Beatitudes--resents being hated, even unspecifically. I'd choose him because he has a great humility and wisdom that I'd hope would rub off on me a little.

    Wow, that makes it sound like I have issues. Ah, well. Don't we all. :P

  2. We certainly do! ALL of us..& I think alot of good things would come out of a long conversation with him!!

    It is so frustrating to be hated, Especially unspecifically! It usually makes me feel unseen as a person, like I'm absorbed into an idea for them. And politics..eh, I used to try try, now I run. :)