Friday, January 13, 2012

50 Days of Self Reflection

Are you a morning person, or a night person? Which would you rather be, and why?

I think I'm usually both, it's the evenings I have trouble with. If i had to choose, I guess morning, because I can, and really like to get up early. But I love late nights as well, as long as the day in between isn't too demanding! I rather be one of those people who only needs about 4 hours of sleep a night - who can stay up past midnight and still be up bfore the sun. Sometimes I think I'm almost there, and then I feel an overwhelming need for sleep..It's a constant struggle.


  1. I'm both, too. I get like 300X more done before 8 AM than I do at any other time, while nighttime is only, say, five times more productive than the afternoon and late morning. But it's easier to do things at night than it is to get up at 5 AM, so I usually go for the less good option and mess up my sleep schedule. I'd rather be a morning person, though, because I like the very early morning.

  2. Ah, I wish I was a morning person, but at this point should probably give up hoping for that. My best work nearly always happens after supper. :)

  3. Everyone wants to be a morning person I guess! I've been longing more and more to be a "no-sleep" person in these cold nights, when I have to be up every hour or so to keep the stove strong! I get so much more done in the morning too, Laura! I wish my best work happened after supper, but unless I'm up until 11 or later, it doesn't..evening is too cozy for me to work, or do much of anything actually.