Wednesday, August 26, 2009

“Our will is only a gusting wind
that turns us and urges us,
for in our most fervent longings
we are a field in bloom.”

I’ve begun a cleanse this week – cleaning is so essential in every aspect of life, and so exhausting when done well, but the good sort of exhaustion; the kind that knows there are fresh sheets and plump pillows waiting in bed, a steaming cup of tea beside the bed and chamomile dreams hovering in the sleep-world, all ready to dance the night away. A body cleanse is no different – pleasantly exhausting. I’m thrilled to have begun this one. Generally I like to cleanse in rhythm with the seasons of fasting in the Church, but I’ve been neglectful, and I feel the need for balance now. But hopefully by our next fast, I’ll be ready to jump back into the season.

Our tomatoes are finally coming into their own, and our squash; but an animal is eating the cucumbers. I think it’s the woodchuck living under the porch. But I’m not sure what to do about him here, in the city. I can’t shoot him, and I’d be afraid of trapping some neighborhood cat. Are there any smells that might drive him away, without driving us away too?

Friday, August 21, 2009

"I triumphed and I saddened with all weather,
heaven and I wept together."
Francis Thompson

There is a storm moving in tonight. I've heard the man next-door say it will be wild and I'm waiting for it to descend. We've got plans to go out to a party, but I'd rather stay at home and feel the storm from my back porch. Very few things can compete with a summer storm, at home, in the evening - with the wind whipping all around and the thunder shaking the bones of the house; nature is intoxicating, addictive, alive.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Very hot and still the air was, Very smooth the gliding river, Motionless the sleeping shadows."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The summer air is puffing hotly through the windows, doing nothing to break the stillness. Hot, summertime sounds have been all around me today. Smokers walking up and down the street, shirtless and sweating, while their women hang out the windows, or lay out on the side porch hoping for a breeze. The boys next door played basketball in the sun and argued more than usual. Bikers, open cars with radios blaring race by - I hear snatches of country songs, hip-hop and converstions. Summertime in the city is like nothing else.

I am waiting for my husband to come home, waiting for the stars to come out and the air to cool, waiting for another opportunity to take my bicycle up and down our city streets and across the river.

Another summer video...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Prayer to the Child Jesus

O Infant Jesus, I run to You, begging You through Your Holy Mother to save me in this need(you may name it here), for I truly and firmly believe that Your Divinity can defend me. Full of trust I hope in You to obtain Your holy grace. I love You with all my heart, I am painfully sorry for my sins and on my knees I beg You, O Little Jesus, to free me from them. My resolution is to improve and never more to offend You. Therefore, I offer myself to You, ready to suffer everything for You and to serve You faithfully. I will love my neighbour as myself from my heart for the love of You. O Little Jesus, I adore You, O Mighty Child, I implore You, save me in this need (you can mention it here), that I may enjoy You eternally, with Mary and Joseph, see You and with all the angels adore You.
"one luminary clock against the sky
proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.
I have been one aquainted with the night."
Robert Frost

I'm up late again tonight. At first it was too hot to sleep - the air was still and dead all around me until I could hear every night-noise and my mind went wandering to meet them. So I decided to throw "just one dish" and later, with a few all about me and freshly washed floors, I sat down to finally post pots on my etsy account. I've decided to try selling a few at first - bowls, and a couple mugs to test the waters, but I took my sweet time about it, and at last tonight I overcame procrastination. We'll see how it goes. Look me up at

I've been ignoring my blog recently - distracted by the coming of moja rodzina and our stay at the lake-house, which was absolutely lovely. Like a long, social nap - but better because of the lake and the sun and the games.

We've decided it's necessary we develope a devotion to the Infant of Prague - He's invaded and it's strictly self-defense. We began married life with one tall, white washed Infant, whose globe held incense on the back porch and now - little over a year later we've unintentionally gathered a tiny holy-water font, a small, tasteful statue, and the grand Infant of Prague in all His finery - crowned and decked out in purple and gold frills (with a quarter for prosperity taped to His back). If Christ is so determined to direct our devotion, who are we to resist. Holy Infant of Prague, have mercy on us!

We've also been blessed, through the generosity of moja rodzina, with an increase in relics - we've added St. Antony of Padua and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to the Unknown Relic. I'm hoping St. Antony's presence will help us loose our morning search for glasses and keys - though I have the impression he likes to hide objects, just to have a chance to find them later.

Tomorrow promises to be even hotter than today - I am headed to the ocean to enjoy cool breezes, cold water, and tanning under the sun!

Monday, August 3, 2009

"The passion of faith lies not in testifying to an eternal happiness, but in transforming one's own existence into a testimony to it."

Soren Kierkegaard

My favourite drink this summer is not alcoholic. I recently discovered cucumber water, which is simple, delicious, and amazingly refreshing. I make mine with lots of water, cucumber slices, and a sprig of fresh mint, and I drink it by the gallon. Another refreshing drink is made with water, lime slices, and mint.

Now that the humidity has tapered off a bit, I'm able to dry bee balm blossoms and lemon balm leaves. Today while training the cucumbers I discovered another dill plant hidden in a corner of the garden, I was thrilled, we use dill often and our other dill plant is getting tired.

The weather has really brightened up - is summer finally here? We spent Saturday at the ocean; my hair and skin are beinging to look sun-kissed. I hope it will continue, I would like one month of summer that is truly summer.