Saturday, January 21, 2012

50 days of Self Reflection: Day 10

If you were choosing your last meal - anything you wanted - what would it be and how would it be served? Why?

This would completely depend on my mood at the time, but generally, I think I would pick a huge picnic basket of fresh berries in cream, peaches, crusty bread, this one type of very soft cheese whose name I can never remember, cold kielbasa, hard boiled eggs, honey, and cold white wine. There would be clean napkins in bright red or blue, and white, a big cloth to spread it all out on, outside under beech and birch trees in the fall.

I love picnic food, and eating outdoors. I love the sense of freshness and life it gives to the whole day.


  1. This is a really hard one. I like your idea of food and a setting that evokes freshness and life.

    Maybe I'd pick the birthday meal I always asked for as a kid--homemade pizza (vegetarian is my favorite) and blueberry coffee cake. And yes, outdoors. I think I'd pick the late spring, if only because if I could pick my time of death, I'd choose spring amid the flowers for its sense of life and hope. :)

  2. Beautiful.

    And I love the idea of dying in the spring, when "the earth is like a child that knows poems."