Sunday, January 1, 2012

50 days of self reflection: Day 1

What are three of your goals for the new year, and why?

1. Lose the remaining baby-weight and re-tone...for obvious reasons (who doesn't want to look good?)

2. Finish (and begin) editing the poems I'm hoping to use in the little compilation my husband & I are hoping to put together. I would love to have them ready for him before spring gives us too much to do outside, so that is a goal too!

3. Organize the house so that is actually stays neat for longer than a day after cleaning, and so that I can find the above-mentioned poems after I've worked on them!

So..who else has new year's goals?


  1. what do you mean "look good" m you look awesome constantly I AM CONFUSED.

    also, POEMS!! can I see them?


    plz advise

  2. ..I know I look good, I meant that I'm hoping to get back to my best, my "Harold-body", something about long hours of physical labor, big bagels for breakfast, and screwdrivers at night make me look even better!

    ..and no, you can't see the poems, but if the compilation is ever completed, you can see & buy (yay for you)!

  3. Ooh, 50 Days of Self-Reflection. I like this idea.

    Poems! Can't wait for this. Complete it. :D

    3 of my very many goals:

    1) shift my schedule so I get more writing done during the day and then go to bed on time

    2) weed, prune, dig up, plant, nurture a fairy paradise!

    3) write and/or revise at least three books.

  4. fairy paradise..what a fantastic thought!

    Unfortunately, the 50 days are spread out a bit, not one after another, but I really wanted to do them! Patience is a good thing.

    Good luck with all the writing and revising!..three books at a time is impressive!

  5. yay bagels, also poems! you'd better keep me updated. I hope you made it home with no trouble and the Yarrowseat was a peaceable kingdom the whole way there.

    I have resolutions! one of them is to clean up my room. I haven't gotten started yet because I'm lazy. another one is, like Jenna, to fix my schedule.

  6. Yarrow was amazing Again on the way home, only the littlest bit of misery, and so much tiredness and big smiles. Luba spent the whole time dreaming of home, I think, and look concerned everytime we stopped..except when we got gas in Barkey-town, PA..there she barked.