Tuesday, January 3, 2012

50 days of self reflection: Day 2

What do you notice first about yourself in a mirror? Is this a good or bad feature? What do you usually fail to notice?

I always notice my eyes first, because if my eyes look good, the rest of my face usually follows. My favorite is when I've really done up my eyes the night before and gone to bed with my make-up on. The kind of messy black liner look has always made me feel completely ready to take on the day, and it always reminds me to have an extra cup of coffee!

I usually barely pay attention to my lips, which is why I never really got into lipstick (I should add that to the year's goals: notice my lips, care for them.) Since my husband really likes to see me in lipstick, it would be a nice habit to adopt.


  1. yay, more questions! I notice my eyebrows first because they are truly gigantic and much darker than my other hair. They look like someone glued part of a Groucho Marx costume to my face. I don't know if they are a good or bad feature on the whole; they probably make me look a little Neanderthalish, but I like them. I can't really tell what I look like to other people.

    what I don't notice: all my other features are in the shadow of my eyebrows. I don't notice my mouth much either unless it forces me to notice it by being really chapped, but I am ok with this state of affairs.

  2. Seconding Laura: yay, more questions!

    Usually... I think I notice my hair. On account of either that or my having looked at too many pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge, I've decided to begin actually styling it daily, not just throwing it into a barrette. Takes an extra 10-20 minutes, but oh well.

    Oh, and it's a very good feature when it's good, and a frizzy and uneven one when I don't give it enough attention. It's thick and brown and coarse, straight on top and wavy underneath, and has so many natural highlights that I've never dared color it. I like it, despite the frizz and the enormous cowlick square in the middle of my forehead.

    What do I fail to notice? Usually, whether my shoes and socks match my outfit. :P

  3. I think I usually either notice my cheeks or my hair, depending on which one is more annoying at the moment. If my hair is a tangled, climbing mess I'll notice that. If it's sitting happily straight and low, I'll notice my over-sized cheeks.

    I guess it's probably a bad sign that I notice what I think are my worst qualities first, isn't it?

  4. As for what I don't notice, I usually overlook my nose or mouth, I guess. I haven't noticed what I don't notice.

  5. Laura, I don't think your eyebrows are all that big! I always notice your hands first, but I usually notice everyone's hands first.

    Jenna, you do have the BEST hair, I envy people who can grow really long hair without ending up with scraggaly edges. I'm determined to style mine more as well. I just discovered that I look good in a side braid, and wearing it constantly.

    BTanaka, over-sized cheeks?? Is it the cheek-bone you think is over-sized or the fleshy-cheek? I never thought of them as over-large. I notice your hands..obviously. Hands rock.

  6. BT, I too would never have thought to characterize your cheeks as "oversized."

    My hair is currently ALL scraggly edges, but I'm kind of pleased with it. Well, vacillate between being pleased and wanting to cut it all off.

    . . .Now I feel like I'll be awkwardly hiding my hands whenever I come into your presence, M.

  7. ..they're not bad, watery, but water hands are pretty good. Don't hide them!