Monday, January 9, 2012

50 Days of Self Reflection: Day 5

If you were an alcoholic drink, what would it be?

This question was originally just "an alcohol", but I changed it to includemixed drinks, because I'd probably be a mimosa(orange juice & champagne). I'd like to be a "Death in the afternoon"(Absinthe & champagne) but I'm just not that funky, or high-maintenence. A mimosa is classier than Bud-light, and more fun than champagne alone..maybe I'd have 1/2 a shot absinthe in me, or a shot of lime vodka, just to up my cool factor.


  1. Oooh, I would like to be red wine, please! Sturdy, effective, and . . .headache-inducing? That sounds about right! If we're limiting it to base liquors, then I would go with vodka, or perhaps a vodka-soda, on the similar grounds that I am Nothing Fancy But I Get The Job Done.

  2. Ooh. I could be at this one all day, but--

    Margarita. Sweet, just a touch tangy, a little salty around the rim but that just aids the flavor. Hard as a rock underneath, though. And liable to the occasional tinge of pure nasty if not properly blended.


  3. Also, a mimosa is on my list of things that I've never tried but Absolutely Must. Sounds wonderful.

  4. They are delicious! I can drink them all morning..or, I could if I could afford that much champagne :)Margaritas are the best! I'd have picked that, but I just don't think I'm that amazing!

    Red wine is totally fine, Laura, and very much you..though I've never gotten a headache from it ;)

  5. Masha, I think you're awesome enough for margaritas. :)