Thursday, January 5, 2012

50 days of self reflection: Day 3

What color best represents your outlook on life?

My favorite color to wear is black. But it definitely doesn't "represent my outlook on life," I think I lean towards amber.. and not just because I really love the stone. Amber is a happy color, like yellow, but grounded, not as flakey as yellow, but not as grounded as brown, it has imagination.


  1. Fascinating question! And I hadn't thought of all that about amber, but it makes sense. :)

    I could probably make a compelling argument for a few for me, but green comes to mind. Partly because it's a blended color, uniting blue, which is peaceable, and yellow, which is cheerful--two qualities I try for. And partly, I suppose, because I have a few secretly forceful stripes that might easily be called red, to which green acts as a soothing complement. And finally, because it's so common in nature.

  2. Ooh. I really like your reasons!

  3. I was going to call green too, though for different reasons, because my outlook on life is that it and I are alive and growing; also, I like trees. Too glib? PROBABLY. Not a color I wear a lot, either. Though, like Jenna, I could probably make a case for any color you gave me, including the ones I wear.