Tuesday, January 10, 2012

50 Days of Self Reflection: Day 6

What song best defined your life at 18? You life today? What song do you hope will define your life ten years from today?

At 18 I was pretty restless, immature, and searching. I think Counting Crows "Hanging Around" was the song I related to most, and it probably fit me. I was bored and trying too hard and determined to get out of town.
Today..really hard. I kind of think January Wedding by the Avett Brothers. I know, I'm already married, and not in January, but I feel like it fits. I'm living a simple, love-filled life, and I know the names of the trees, if not the birds performing in them.
In ten years, I hope to still be living as I do, but better, with all the rich memories of the years that have been. I'm kind of leaning towards Kate Wolf's The Trumpet Vine, because it evokes the sense of a history between two people, and the bright colors of life, but I think I could do her "Early Morning Melody" too, if I'm remembering it right, because guitars and coffeepots are always going to be a happy staple of life in our house.

This one is really hard, I thought, but don't give up!!


  1. This one IS hard.

    Age 18: You Know How I Feel by Bryan White. It's this Backstreet-Boys-meets-country song about never getting over goodbye, and that was the year I left Montana and my best friend and my horse and my wide-open spaces and that absurd crush you have in high school. Plus, I was melodramatic.

    Now: Prayer by Hayley Westenra. It's a song about resting with the angels watching over you and God's arms enfolding you. Rest and trust have been wildly important to me for the last few years.

    Ten years from now: OK, I have no idea. It's hard for me to picture that far into the future. If I come up with something good, I'll post it...

  2. oh jeez and also man, you are right, Jenna and M..

    when I was 18? probably if you asked me then, either The Big Sky by Kate Bush or Take to the Sky by Tori Amos, which are sort of basically the same song now that I think about it. Hang on, I have not listened to TTTS since approx. 2002, let me employ this wonderful new invention I have heard about called The Internet. . .


    M. by the way I love that you picked a Counting Crows song. also, your wedding was not in January but it was in the snow. I am going to have to think a little more about now and the future and their respective songs.

  3. the now-question is tricky, because most of the songs I like to listen to these days are about either 1) tragic romantic drama pain, or 2) PARTIES!!, and neither really reflects where I am right now. I actually think "Wallet" by Regina Spektor might be a good bet. I'm sort of an outsider now in my new town, after years of easy insider-hood, with an outsider's shy/voyeuristic curiosity about the lives of others, and I totally do rummage in my pockets for pieces of (pieces of) paper and change.

    The future is even harder!