Thursday, April 25, 2013

[pretty, happy, funny, real]


My sewing machine. I spent half the afternoon looking at patterns and dreaming up new projects..I didn’t actually Sew anything, but inspiration is half the battle, right?

Nothing prettier than Patron! I love those bottles! I wish I could find huge one to keep my vanilla in..They’re just so heavy and solid looking.

  Look at those tiny leaves rejoicing! It was 60 degrees today & so very sunny!

That's us! At my folks for Christmas a year or two ago, when my hair was still blond.

Yarrow loves ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ but usually can’t make it all the way through an episode..

Winter is rough on the Garden Virgin. She's as grateful for spring as the rest of us.

Every time I get a basket I fill it up right off. This one was supposed to get a liner and become sort of a diaper basket, but now it’s holding fabric, scarves, library books, and things I need to return to the kitchen

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  1. What I can see of your machine is amazing. Can you give some history?

  2. It was my grandmothers..a 1921 (??)Singer-treadle. I'm still learning to use it well..My mother gave it to me when we moved 'off-grid' so that I could keep sewing without a generator. I LOVE the way it looks, and now that I'm getting more comfortable with the rhythm of it, I love the way it sews. If you click on the 'sewing' label in the collection of 'Tags' on the right, you can find another, more complete photo! Thanks. :)

  3. I always think about my sewing projects before I start them, sewing usually goes smoother that way.
    Nice basket too

  4. My baskets are immediately filled as well, and completely refuse to succumb to planning and organization. I mean really, as many baskets as I buy, that's how much I'll fill up with stuff that wasn't part of the basket-filling plan!