Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Love

This morning has been lovely. I’m only now getting my life back in line, after the joyful, fun, celebratory disruption of Easter Week. It’s still Easter though, and I’m still drowning my coffee in
cream each morning and rejoicing in the sunlight. This morning though - bright, blue, and warming quickly - I am finally falling into my old rhythm. I have a list of things to do in blue chalk on my table, a sleeping toddler - who is more and more content with her milk-free nights. Half a grapefruit, and my writing. Today, I am making final comments on a friend’s draft, before sending it home to her, writing the long overdue letters, reading Chesterton ( I promised to give him another chance!), and running again, if I can get my stroller through the driveway! I have yellow roses on my table, tulips on the shelf, and the long-living Easter flowers still laughing on the altar.

I don’t write well on bright days, but I edit nicely. My brain is outside, under the trees or slopping in the mud. It’s eight-thirty in the morning, and I’m happy with how I’ve lived those first 4 hours. It’s such a blessing to begin the week this well, I’m grateful and glad.