Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Husband's Hands..

I’ve already written about my hands. But hands are one of my favorite features to study. They attract me (or repulse me) more than almost any other..and repulsive hands are impossible to ignore, really, I have a hard time getting over hands that repel me. I fell in love with my husband’s hands (and voice) before I fell in love with him. He has good hands, they’re honest and clear, they hate complications. When he took photos of his new tattoo, he was kind enough to include his hand in the photo for me.

He has fire hands, like I do, but they're more stable than mine, because he is essentially a water person. His hands have changed more than mine since we've been married, mainly because, as a mason, they take a beating daily. He has scars from washing brick with acid; deeper, stronger creases than before and he's settled more into a strong sense of self. They're creative hands - more consistent than mine, with a deep, imaginative mind, but a smaller writer's fork. Hand's that laugh often, work hard, and love well. Hands to be trusted. Stubborn though, and a bit too strong-willed - hard to argue with.

His new tattoo is beautiful, isn't it?!


  1. Hands that are creased with hard work are often the most beautiful, aren't they?

    When you said you'd been repulsed by hands before, I tried to remember if I have ever had a similar experience, and I don't think I have. I wonder what the first thing I notice about people is?

  2. I wonder! I think we look to notice first what we think will give us the best quick understanding of the person..a lot of people notice eyes first - they're so Right There..and so revealing. I love working hands..really soft hands tend to turn me off.