Thursday, April 11, 2013

[pretty, happy, funny, real]


It was supposed to be a gift...but I'm selfish like that.  I've been using it as an oatmeal's smaller than it looks here..and so very pretty!

Easter flowers..still alive after all this time! Not the sunflowers, unfortunately. I'm beginning to wonder about these.



 Letters from friends make me so happy, especially when I can enjoy them over tea, and write back with more tea, and most especially when they contain the cutest little note-cards ever!

New tattoos make everyone happy! Especially such nice ones. Thanks John Biswell for making this one perfect!


 ..and new tattoos inspire new, little tattoo artists!

 It's not easy to finish 'to-do' lists when small hands smear them away!

round button chicken



  1. Regarding Yarrow as a tattoo artist; well, everyone has to start somewhere!

    1. It's Abstract..she's going for Chaos..contained! ;)

  2. Totally LOL'd at that picture of Yarrow. So cute!

    You write your to-do lists in chalk? I should do that, instead of pen... it's easier to get rid of items that don't get done. :D

    1. I just started..after wasting sheet after sheet on undone lists! And now, I can 'accidentally' spill some water on the things I don't want to do! ;)

  3. Oh they made it, yay! There were more, but I am apparently really bad at stamping things without smudging them, so I sent you the best ones. I know you like pretty little stationary!

    Afon tatoos himself too. (Naked Baby in action!)

    What were the thoughts behind the new tatoo? Or was it an aesthetic choice?

    1. They're lovely!! Thank you!

      The tattoo was purely aesthetic in placement, to follow the line of his forearm, but the design - the lily for st. Joseph, and the resurrection..lilies do rock!, within the points of a cross..we're more than just aesthetic..we'd have to get Seth on to explain it though, it's his design :) He wants to out do me in tattoos!