Thursday, April 4, 2013

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 Easter flowers..Sunflowers are one of my favorites, and one of the flowers we used at my wedding (Five years ago on Good Friday! It was Divine Mercy Weekend that year. We're hosting a baby shower for my sister in law and visiting the tattoo-parlor on our liturgical anniversary, with maybe a dinner out thrown in there somewhere as well! Since we couldn't do much celebrating on our actual anniversary.)

Seth painted Yarrow’s brown shoes bright yellow for the Vigil Mass. The oil paints looked so creamy! And the shoes themselves came out great!


Baby in boots (her mama’s mud boots) and so proud!

Portland from the roof-top (my husband at work). Cities always look so much friendlier from above, don’t they! Makes me almost want to live there...almost.


Napping in a mask..She loves wearing my clay masks!


 The wagon, our only way of hauling in supplies these days..can you see the sap buckets in the background?

 and the driveway: mud, frost-heaves, and puddles - but really not a bad walk, if you can avoid all the sinking pockets of ice! This year we have big plans for the driveway - to make it driveable in all seasons!  

Wesołego Alleluja!

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  1. I was wondering where you live that you have sunflowers at Easter... and then it occurred to me (when I saw the truck) that you bought them. Hooray-- I love sunflowers too.

  2. Awww, happy anniversary! It'll be five years for us, too, but not until August. :)

    Great pictures!

  3. Happy anniversary, and many happy returns of the day! (Um, does that work in this context?)

    Oh, Yarrow . . . the chubbiness . . . gah!! I want to see the Easter ensemble!

    Any definitive plans for the tattoo parlor, or is it a surprise?

  4. Happy Anniversary!! The sunflowers are beautiful! Just stunning. Now I need to see a photo of the yellow shoes. I bet they look awesome!! Happy Easter!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Me and my husband are celebrating 5 years this year, too :)

    I had to re-read the part about Good Friday being your anniversary a couple times because I was thinking you got married ON Good Friday. I was going to ask if you were allowed to do that, but now I see that your anniversary just happens to fall on it this year!