Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday week

Yarrow's first birthday was Monday. My family is up for the celebration. I'm just in shock. When did a whole year pass? The weather was lovely, and my husband hung pretty headscarves across the drive (our version of Tibetan prayer flags, I guess). I baked in my new oven a bright yellow, lemon cake and covered it with berries.
In my family it's a tradition that the child, on her first birthday, is presented with three items: a coin, a rosary, and a shot glass to chose from. The choice reflects her future. Yarrow was offered her choice, and she confidently grabbed for the rosary. My little, holy one. I wonder where it will take her.

Not looking very holy.
We've been socially busy these past few weeks, and it's beginging  to take it's toll on me. Visits one after the other, lots of driving and errands to run. I would like to string up a hammock out in the woods and disappear with my books and iced tea and scones with heaps of butter and jam on them..a picnic would be just the thing right now. A private picnic all my own.

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