Sunday, January 12, 2014

Meditations on the Tarot II: La Popesse (the priestess)

"Wisdom has built her house. 
She has set up her seven pillars."
             (Proverbs 9:1)

I have a friend named for Wisdom, and in my mind she is forever dancing in the light of a new-born sun. In the priestess card, we see God collected, put on a page, and studied - intimately, like a very rich dream.  A reflective card, it offers creativity, in its deepest sense, to understanding. The author links the card to Wisdom, to study, and to the Word made flesh:

"The second arcanum ..shows us how Fire and Wind become
Science and Book. Or, in other words, how "Wisdom builds her house."

I think mostly of my friend, building her own house on the western coast. Foundations to last long beyond the life of a building - pillars to walk with her on her path to the Son. I see her studying God as He writes Himself on each page of life; and then I think of the Word as He was - small and tender, delighting in his own tangible self, in the textures of his skin. Saying to Himself, as children do: "I have two hands, I have my eyes, my mouth; I have my body..See - this is my body!"


  1. You don't even know, at that last phrase, I'm stifling a sob!! <3