Saturday, January 11, 2014


The new year is a whole 11 days in, and I've been on vacation for most of it. But now I'm falling back into reality and regaining a bit of my motivation, so now is probably a good time to set some goals in writing. 

Here are a few things you can look forward to on this Blog in the coming weeks:

  • I'm finally getting around to writing up my reflections from Meditations on the Tarot - chapter by chapter..which will take up all the Mondays of 2014 - if I manage to stay committed.
  •  The Harry Potter Book Club will live forever! Thanks Jenna and Christie for keeping me committed, and this year I'm hoping to do a few more fun side projects relating to the Club, as well as putting down some of my many thoughts on the spirituality I see reflected in the books - with some happy arguments in the combox, right Jenna?
  • A few posts on beauty as a physical trait - and how all the talk of 'inner beauty' is often directed towards killing the joy in looking beautiful. I'm not completely sure how I should go about writing it, but it's something I've been thinking about a lot recently.
  • Photos of projects, tea-time, and the beauty of home.
  • Drafts of poems. I have a few that need work, and I'm really looking forward to reading your suggestions!
  • Book reviews not limited to Meditations and Harry..and at some point, a review/reflections on Pan's Labyrinth, which I now own!
What else should I write on??? Any thoughts?



  1. I am thoroughly looking forward to your posts about beauty as a physical trait!! I feel like girls who talk of wanting to be beautiful are all told to cultivate inner beauty, and we're never satisfied with that response. I loved your Wardrobe Adjustments post, by the way. My wardrobe was getting desperate, and two thrift store runs have done more for it than anything has in years.

    I'm also looking forward to lots of happy arguments. :D And all the other things you mentioned, including Meditations on the Tarot, which I still don't know much about.

  2. Pan's Labyrinth is a great movie! I predict that you and I are going to clash in one way or another on the personal beauty issue (I don't mind other people being beautiful, but I can think of few things more uncomfortable than trying to make myself beautiful, so I'm going to want to muscle into your space and assert my right to be not-beautiful if I feel like it).

    Also, what about Twilight?!

  3. I'm seconding Jenna on the physical beauty post! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.