Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Away from Home....

 We've moved for a while..While the weather was bitter.

It's still bitter, but better..and we're still not home. It's just so easy here.
Radiators for heat. Hot water. Gas oven. Indoor bathroom.
Plugs everywhere! And wifi..the kind that doesn't limit access to videos.
Yes. We're having so much fun.

I'm just being lazy..resting, sleeping, doing a bit of a cleanse..and baking in the big
gas oven. And now, I'm excited about bringing my refreshed self 
back home again..when this cold snap truly breaks. 

 Until then, I guess we'll just eat..and write..and draw..and watch videos online - because that's fun too. And it's fun to have fun!

Hope you all are as cozy through the winter chill as we are!


  1. Yay for fun and for staying cozy! I hope the cold snap doesn't break the yurt, though :(

  2. Nothing can break the yurt! We checked on it Tuesday, it's cold..but all set! No pipes to freeze or anything. :)

  3. Good! In other news, Jenna linked to a conversation youall had about Twilight back in 2010 and it is EATING MY AFTERNOON. Must. . .stop. . . opining. . .about. . . sparklepires!