Friday, January 10, 2014

Harry Potter: Book 3, Chapter 7


reading tea leaves - here is the art deco version

 Harry is moving past his 'bad reading' with Trelawney, beginning to settle in again, despite incompetent teachers (Hagrid should be fired, Malfoy is right) and very competent, very negative teachers (Snape just needs sensitivity training, I think). Lupin's class is a nice change: active, productive, enjoyable, and Neville's shining moment..I don't know what my boggart would be..there are so many, but like Jenna, I know exactly what it would have been: demons. A box that opens up to spew demons into air around me. I would imagine the box opening and then snapping shut again just in time to squish sad little demon fingers..It would be so empowering, I think, I would laugh and laugh at their pathetic attempts to escape.

Neville's fear is more active..I may have dreamed my demons every night, but at least I could wake up and hide under the covers while they cleared out in the morning..Neville has Snape haunting his days and (I'm sure) his dreams as well..but now at least the dream Snape will look a bit less Emo and a lot less threatening.


Jenna's right, Snape never should have become a teacher..people who hate people are the worst teachers in the world. But at least his students learn, I mean, once they get past the emotional trauma.. Lupin (in this book) is ideal! He's capable, kind, knowledgeable..a real teacher. I like him..I wish they'd cast someone who didn't look like a grungy drunk in the movie, but in my mind, Lupin is 'shabby' without being gross. I liked the idea of the boggart, but I know nothing about the mythology behind it, so I'll just accept Rowling's interpretation. It's a fun one, especially for this book - which seems to be playing with darkness. It's less childlike that the first two, but less dark as well..more about people and relationships than either of the books we've read, but in a careless sort of way. And I'm not sure how much is intentional.

Lupin and Snape are a fun the sense that Lupin is so kind and gentle and humane, while Snape is so very much the dark, brooding, and dangerous one..if I didn't know all the spoilers to come, I'd guess away at the twist Rowling has planned for these two. But I do know, and that takes all the fun out of guessing.


  1. I really like the relationship between Snape and Lupin, too. And I love Lupin as a character and as a teacher.

    Snape's a good character, too, but he needs to be out of the classroom. Hogwarts needs one of those rooms that the NYC school system puts their disgraced-but-tenured teachers in. He can hang out and glower and listen to the Smiths and perfect his revenge spells and obsess over decades-old conversations with [SPOILER], and they can hire someone to teach Potions who isn't going to take his emo out on a bunch of teenagers.

  2. I adore Snape..but yeah..teaching is not really his strength. Maybe he could be the castle potion-brewer..or sell Emo-style concoctions to wizards who need a little help: a 'hand-steadying potion' for those who struggle with liquid eyeliner or something.. NOT teaching. Poor Neville..

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love the Snape meme!!

    Yeah, David Thewlis wasn't my image of Lupin either. And even though I thought he acted very well and was believably Lupin, he still wasn't either the person or personality I had in my head. Not quite restrained enough, I don't think. Your image of Lupin sounds closer to mine.

    Also, all the Marauder-era actors look at least ten years too old for their roles.

    Ooh, I forgot I hadn't commented on the light and darkness interplay after the introduction to this book. This would've been a good week for it, too. Well, there'll be others. :D