Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Bohemia Branches Out: Paperwine

My husband's opened an Etsy shop: silk birds, hand-drawn cards, wire-earrings, and soon to come beauties are collecting in the yurt, ready to love and be loved in their new homes. It's exciting for him to be able to share his aesthetic, for me to see the designs he's imagined, and for Yarrow to have her daddy home more often - drawing her whims as she looks on.

He's not just doing Paperwine - he's been doing painting, masonry, and a host of small projects as well - but as the days grow shorter, he's spending more and more time at home. Close to the fire and close to us. A change we're all grateful for, and one we hope to continue. 

So if you're interested, check out Paperwine Industries on Etsy. There are more items to come soon, and so much more in the planning stages! And send up a prayer for us that this little venture becomes something more.


  1. Great news! I hope it works out for you guys! <3

    Just in case you're looking for suggestions, what I really want to buy and have a hard time finding in stores is stationary paper -- non-notecard stationary with pictures in the margins or on the back. I don't mind notecards, but I'd like something slightly less space-constrained that I can write a letter on without running out of space and having to either cram my signature in a corner and call it a day or stuff random pieces of paper into the notecard.

  2. Oooh..he might be up for some special orders..or..maybe he could just list a bunch..that could be really fun..and I KNOW exactly what you mean!