Monday, November 25, 2013

Creative Updates

We are in full on 'Artistic Mode' here! Which means lots of trading off play-time with Yarrow, cleaning up, and making tea. It's a fantastic time for us all - except Luba, who resents what she sees as yet another intrusion into her time and space. She wanders the house deliberately looking for a problematic place to lie down: the couch-full of silk birds, the bed-full of Yarrow's blocks, beneath the table - exactly where we need to sit and type. All of our enthusiasm (Luba excepted) my have something to do with the weather - gray skies and cold, blustery days make for some wonderful indoor afternoons - if Yarrow didn't keep inviting my to 'come to Mass' with her ('Mass' apparently means pushing a chair around and around the house, occasionally kneeling down to pray) I could sit all day with my little pink writing book and my piles of reading.

Both contemplating destruction..notice the plastic potty-chair, and admire!

With a little over a week left of NanoWrimo, I'm nowhere near 50,000 words, but I do have a story I like, characters I'm committed to developing, and lots of inspiration to grow on..along with a handful of new poems..and Seth..well, I can't wait to show you what he's been doing! I have to wait just another day or two, but very soon we'll be all ready to share his winter project!

What sort of work are you getting done this month? I feel like November is such a productive month! Too cold for yard-work, too dry for snowy-fun, just right for letting the imagination take over a bit! Right?

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