Friday, November 1, 2013

All Saint's

How Halloween-y are my potions!!! And my 'Apothic' wines!

All Hallow's Eve is passed; and with it the easy, crisp days of October. We had a delightfully Halloween-y month: a spooky, local, harvest meal at my favorite cafe (just my husband and I); a Halloween short-story reading at the library; and last night, an amazing little bit of trick-or-treating with Petka as a Matryoshka that ended at my in-law's tiny library, where my father-in-law (a local historian) told haunted tales.

Petka and Da made delightful Matryoshkas


It's a dreary All Saint's Day this morning. We woke late and warm, and lazed through a morning of creamy coffee, Stromboli, and all the anticipatory joys the new month brings. 
I should have waited to frost them today, it got just a bit dry looking overnight

..but Saints and photographs are so forgiving.

I've baked Saint's cakes for the altar today (and later for our mouths!): Orange, Cardamom, and Pistachio with an orange-y cream cheese frosting. The just feel autumnal. Tomorrow I'll bake Soul Cake's for our beloved dead, and for the Sad People only Yarrow can see. I like to pray a Rosary while mixing the batter, trying to remember all those who ought to be remembered..but today the celebration is just rest and celebration. I can greet my saints with gifts of cake and cream.

Seth made me spooky..but only in the photo. I looked pretty lame last night

 Blessed Hallowmas all!


  1. The Yarrow and Da picture is just insanely cute!
    Happy All Saints'!

  2. Ha, I should've done eye shadow all around, too! I finally stuck half my hair up in a weird ponytail just to look spooky and weird, and went with that.

    Yarrow and Da look ADORABLE. And your Saint cakes sound amazing!!

    1. You totally won out over me then, because, coolness doesn't extend to real life. I didn't even have make-up on last night :( !!! Seth just made an old picture of me look all cool on picmonkey.. :( I know, I know...I'm just so much cooler online :p

      But Yarrow and the Saint's cakes are real!!!!! That's something, right?