Friday, November 14, 2008

"Of what use would it be for me to be able to develope a theory of the state, getting details from various sources and combining them into a whole, and constructing a world I did not live in but merely held up for others to see;"

Soren Kierkegaard

On Fridays I am visited by two Jehovah's witnesses. We discuss a little book they put out call "What the Bible Really Teaches," and in an informal way, the Bible itself as well. We began today discussing the election, and politics in general; they do not vote, in any situation, they are waiting for God to come and govern them. Until He does they will notice all the flaws of government, avoid it, and watch it fail. I am frustrated by this position; I am always frustrated when people allow evil to occur because they are waiting for something better to come along.

It is a grey day today; the rain began last night as a steady dripping and continued, neither speeding nor slacking all day. I have poked my nose outside only twice and it is cold as well - November rain is dreary. But inside, in our little apartment, the day is cheerful; not bright but warm and cozy with shadows that pile in corners like down, keeping out the chill.

I discovered yesterday talking to Matka, that my aunts have decided to give me all the beautiful things in our family; they of course don't put it quite that way, but in going through some of our heirlooms, it seems all the beautiful dishes, the old treadle sewing machine, scarves and wood-bead rosaries are put aside for me. It is a blessing to know that my family thinks to pass such beautiful things on to me, I am very grateful.

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