Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Now everything is lost, God demands Issac, I sacrifice him, and with him all my joy - yet God is love and for me continues to be so."
- Soren Kierkegaard

I awoke today and avoided the radio. I didn't answer the phone when it rang and I left quickly for the cafe; I didn't want to be alone when I heard the news of the election - already knowing what that news would be. Now I'm in a cafe full of people who voted for the man who won and I am still alone, but God is love and for me continues to be so.

I'm not at all surprised by the results. How long did we expect God to protect us from ourselves; we who butcher our own children each day and spend our lives chasing distractions. We who wanted desperately to elect the man without knowing him and ignored every warning sign as it appeared. We got exactly the leader we deserved and we will come to know him all too well I'm sure; yet God is love and for me continues to be so.

I am comforted by Saint Vladamir of Russia whose late conversion came after years of bloodshed and led his nation to Christ, to him I pray for the man we elected. I am comforted by Saint Augustine, who watched the greatest empire fall to pieces around him, to him I pray for our nation. I am comforted by the Mother of God, our dear Mateczka whose eyes do not close, to her I pray that we may be like Abraham, who was so able to follow God even in quickly changing directions and who never lost faith in the love of God.

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