Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Writing Together

California has put us out of rhythm. Last night, for the first time since Christmas, Yarrow was asleep before 9, and even then I stayed up late, feeding the stove and watching the stars. Napping is also a struggle, so we’re ‘writing’ together today - a process that involves way too many “uh-oh”s on Yarrow’s part (taking a bite of the deceptively attractive yellow crayon - oil pastels taste terrible! Dropping said crayon again and again and again; watching in amusement as Luba steals the cheese) and many joys - she is a very confident artist. Each drawing was pointed out to me as “pretty” -except the one she declared “WOW!” with all the excitement in her little being.

I am less productive, but I’ve had three cups of good tea, a beautiful dish of yogurt and mild success writing (very mild). Susanne Nance is playing good music on the radio and the stove is crackling merrily. Luba has not stolen all the cheese, yet..I know at some point I will have a moment to catch the poem in the back of my mind - if it’s still there. Right now I can feel it, but the words won’t come, and each little “uh-oh” makes them hard to see. I wonder, if I made a huge platter of popovers and set them out with blackberry jam and butter, coffee and cream - could I tempt my little poem back to me?

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