Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Simplify, Simplify

Recently, I found a fantastic list of suggestions for simplifying life. We aren’t in any way pursuing a minimalist lifestyle, but rather a sort of extravagant simplicity, and many of the recommendations were things we knew in an intellectual sense, but hadn’t really incorporated into our life. I’m feeling particularly driven toward simplifying our lifestyle - toward deepening my commitment to living passionately and intentionally in the world. One of the first steps in this pursuit is a purge. We are purging our home of unwanted excesses (the wanted ones will stay forever) this weekend, when the humidity breaks. A huge part of that purge for me, will be primarily a great clearing out of clothing and papers.

As much as I love tossing things, really cleaning out is difficult. I'm full of good intentions, and full of excuses. But slowly, slowly we'll be clearing out, not only the house, but the shed and the piles and piles of papers - no longer relevant. Reducing distractions until, hopefully, life is filled only with the beautiful, the useful, and the loved.


  1. "extravagant simplicity" how beautiful! I do aim for that, however I don't know how well I accomplish it!

  2. I don't accomplish it half as well as I hope to..but I try!