Monday, July 16, 2012

Bits of Days

I think my daughter is in love with the Infant of Prague. She whispers his name as we pass by, giggles and waves and looks shy when we meet him in the outhouse, and laughs with him on his holy days. Today she looks like every bit the baby bohemian - barefoot and layered in skirts, her hair tucked up and her eyes full of delight. A sweaty bohemian, it's hot again today.

I'm waiting for my books to come in the mail. I've been ordering books more often and love the whole "getting packages" experience. I'd been walking to the mailbox with Petka, but deer-fly season is in full swing, and the walk is dangerous now. So we wait for Seth to bring the mail in the evening, hoping every time for something new and interesting.

Luba and I are united against the chickens, who are determined to eat all the green tomatoes before they ripen. We chase them, yell, and harass them, and I hope it will be enough to save the tomatoes.

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