Friday, June 1, 2012

Fifty Days..Day 27

Do you dream often? Are they mainly good dreams, or nightmares?

I dream practically every night, a few times a night. Generally, I can remember my dreams for at least the first half of the morning, and if I try to write them down the memory will last longer. I don’t generally have nightmares, I haven’t since high-school. But sometimes a dream will leave a bad impression. It isn’t a nightmare, but it isn’t comfortable - like dreaming of a death, or dreaming of our ghosts. Those dreams seem to live a little longer in my mind, and I'm less likely to take long walks alone when I had them.


  1. I go through dreaming phases. For that matter, I even seem to go through nightmare phases, usually having a spate of them after major life changes (even the good ones, oddly enough). But most of my dreams are either vague or amusing.

    For instance, one phase involved me dreaming about meeting one of my favorite bands. I met them at least eight times: at a Harry Potter conference, in Rome, at my house where I made them pancakes, on tour, at the top of a skyscraper, and I don't know where all else.

    I don't write dreams down very often--probably should. Every now and then I have one that really sticks with me, and then I write it down. Sometimes bits of it make it into potential stories.

  2. I love the Band dream!! I usually don't have repeating dreams, and when I do, someone usually dies..I did have one when I was little, Big Bird came to my window in three seperate dreams to eat me. In the last one he was red and had huge teeth..not good.