Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Discussion Questions..

I’m a bit at a loss this week. There are topics I’m working to bring out, but at the same time, I’m a bit too wrapped up in a few other projects to give them the attention they deserve this week. This week I’ll put my long thoughts aside and post a few quick questions that I saw recently in an old magazine instead - Welcoming as well the responses of those who follow our little discussion.
When do you do most of your writing? If I can get up in time, I write best in the early morning. Second best is the late evening, and night-time. Times when I’m not distracted by the daily chores of living.

What encourages you? My husband. Reading good work. Reading really bad work. The Liturgy. Drinking tea.

What distracts you from your work? New ideas - I’m inconsistent, and I’ve lots of trouble finishing things. My husband. Yarrow. ‘To-do’ lists. And especially Luba who needs more love than even God can give her.

What is your purpose in writing? I am always trying to create and promote a culture of beauty. I’m trying to write as an extension of my life and as an inspiration to live the best life I can.

What authors inspire your choice of theme and direction? The poet Rilke, whose images are so deeply planted in my imagination; Marquez, who manages to meld magic and realism perfectly; Tolkien, who makes myth; and Dostoyevsky, who loves humanity.

What authors inspire you stylistically? Rilke, whose style is beauty boiled down; Flannery O Connor - specifically her letters, because they are clear and honest; Kathleen Norris, because her tone is welcoming and open; and Oscar Wilde, who seems to write purely for his own enjoyment.

**I would add Tolstoy to both of the “inspiration” questions, but it feels arrogant, so I’ll just let him inspire me in private.

What is one thing you wish you could accomplish as a writer? I would like to write letters that are good, I would like to write letters consistently and attractively. I know it isn’t really a “writer’s goal” but I think that even if I published nothing, I would like to have a rich correspondence.

Real discussion will return next week!

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