Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Thoughts are slow and deep and golden in the morning."
~John Steinbeck

There's something about the weather today that makes me want to be away from home. Not out in the weather, but out somewhere in the day. I want to be moving from place to place. I wan to be alone, and I want not to be alone. I brought Luba with me in the car and let her play with the winshield wipers, she likes to snap at them as they brush by and then watch eagerly for the repeat. She likes to sit shotgun and press her nose against the windshield when it rains.

It smells of autumn today, of things passing away. If it weren't for the buds and flowers on trees, I would say it's September. I still have flowers to plant along the road, a garden to form, and the coming summer to welcome in with bonfires and beautification; but today I'm in reflective, roaming mode. It's a mood to be in off and on, so long as it doesn't take over. Nothing is accomplished, but so much is nurtured.

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