Friday, May 27, 2011

"All who go in beauty..
will resurrect in Beauty."

My husband made me peacock-and-amber earring for Mother's Day. If I don't completely reject all jewelry, I will wear them during labor to keep the evil-eye away. Peacocks are an Easter bird as it was thought once their flesh would never decay. They symbolize the resurrection and eternal life even today, just by the grandness of their display.

I like to think of God, laughing in anticipation as he created them, rejoicing in the many-eyed splendor of their tails and the luck he poured into every feather. He must have known the feathers would be used to guard the fragile from curses - hung on cradles and clutched in bridal bouquets. I think He can't have minded - so much beauty should not be wasted.

We have feathers tucked behind our Icons, watching along with the Virgin and her Son all that happens in our home. The feathers turn my thoughts to Christ - opening His tomb to greet the day.

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