Monday, March 28, 2011

"When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest."

~Ernest Hemingway

My nights have been more active than usual. It bagan with last week's very large, full moon and has continued, despite the moon's waning. I've finally adjusted to this new lack - my dreams are once again deep and full, though certainly condensed. The lack of sleep doesn't seem to have damaged my days - I wonder if I might have been sleeping too much before and have only now corrected the excess? This weekend especially was so full and joyful it seemed to stretch into a season of it's own.

My primary project this spring involves a purging and re-examination of many of the the extra things that crowd our life here. Particuarly in the kitchen, our lack of refridgeration and lack of oven have given me a chance to enjoy an attitude of quick carelessness which has now passed from enjoyment into a renewed rejection. Looking forward now to the new kitchen I am refocusing my attitude toward cooking so that, when the time comes, I can fling myself once again into the joy of creating artistic foods.

But things collect in other areas as well. We now have many bags lined up to be donated or dumped, and I have a stack of papers that are only waiting to be put in order and stored in a way that will not prevent us from finding them again. I love putting things in order, straightening, purging, scrubbing - it's living in the order that is difficult, I have trouble in the space between creative and destructive, and this space is where I am trying to spend my springtime.

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  1. Being subscribed in Google Reader, I didn't realize I wasn't officially one of your Followers. I've fixed that now.

    Isn't spring wonderful? I'm just excited to open a window, let fresh air go through the house. May God bless you with a rich one. :)