Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Between our trip to Vegas last week to visit with family, and a visit from my oldest and dearest friend this past weekend, taxes, and the distracting beauty of spring, I've had no time for writing. I'm sorry for the delay in blogging - but not as sorry as I should be. I had such a wonderful time absorbing the desert beauty of Las Vegas, catching up with my sister, and people-watching on the strip last week. It's an overwhelming city, and though I can't imagine ever living there, I want to go back again to visit. Last weekend I spent more time talking and listening than I have in years. I haven't seen my friend in years, and we had so many stories to tell. Our lives have gone in such different directions after high-school: I'm now off the grid in Maine, while she is enjoying the sun in the south. It's wonderful to be reminded though that we are still the same people, and our friendship does not depend at all on nearness, or superficial agreement, but on something deeper and stronger that lasts. Now that life has returned to normal, I'll be drafting a few new posts to put up in the next few weeks. Blessings.

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