Monday, August 3, 2009

"The passion of faith lies not in testifying to an eternal happiness, but in transforming one's own existence into a testimony to it."

Soren Kierkegaard

My favourite drink this summer is not alcoholic. I recently discovered cucumber water, which is simple, delicious, and amazingly refreshing. I make mine with lots of water, cucumber slices, and a sprig of fresh mint, and I drink it by the gallon. Another refreshing drink is made with water, lime slices, and mint.

Now that the humidity has tapered off a bit, I'm able to dry bee balm blossoms and lemon balm leaves. Today while training the cucumbers I discovered another dill plant hidden in a corner of the garden, I was thrilled, we use dill often and our other dill plant is getting tired.

The weather has really brightened up - is summer finally here? We spent Saturday at the ocean; my hair and skin are beinging to look sun-kissed. I hope it will continue, I would like one month of summer that is truly summer.

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  1. oh poor you and teh rain!
    it's wicked hot here in the afternoons but cool and windy in the mornings. I think you and Seth would really enjoy montana in the summer. I know I would enjoy you in montana in the summer! lol.

    it's a joy to read this. Cucumber water sounds lovely.
    I hope you are sunkissed!
    I got a tan...but bill is still darker. grrrr.....