Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"one luminary clock against the sky
proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.
I have been one aquainted with the night."
Robert Frost

I'm up late again tonight. At first it was too hot to sleep - the air was still and dead all around me until I could hear every night-noise and my mind went wandering to meet them. So I decided to throw "just one dish" and later, with a few all about me and freshly washed floors, I sat down to finally post pots on my etsy account. I've decided to try selling a few at first - bowls, and a couple mugs to test the waters, but I took my sweet time about it, and at last tonight I overcame procrastination. We'll see how it goes. Look me up at www.burningearth.etsy.com.

I've been ignoring my blog recently - distracted by the coming of moja rodzina and our stay at the lake-house, which was absolutely lovely. Like a long, social nap - but better because of the lake and the sun and the games.

We've decided it's necessary we develope a devotion to the Infant of Prague - He's invaded and it's strictly self-defense. We began married life with one tall, white washed Infant, whose globe held incense on the back porch and now - little over a year later we've unintentionally gathered a tiny holy-water font, a small, tasteful statue, and the grand Infant of Prague in all His finery - crowned and decked out in purple and gold frills (with a quarter for prosperity taped to His back). If Christ is so determined to direct our devotion, who are we to resist. Holy Infant of Prague, have mercy on us!

We've also been blessed, through the generosity of moja rodzina, with an increase in relics - we've added St. Antony of Padua and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to the Unknown Relic. I'm hoping St. Antony's presence will help us loose our morning search for glasses and keys - though I have the impression he likes to hide objects, just to have a chance to find them later.

Tomorrow promises to be even hotter than today - I am headed to the ocean to enjoy cool breezes, cold water, and tanning under the sun!

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  1. em,
    you make me laugh!
    I love how you describe your devotion in terms of 'invasion'. God Conquers all!