Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best Introductory Posts - to my blog, and to me..

From A Light Inside:

10 blog posts that best introduce me and my blog! Here they are, a bit rushed, I now know why most bloggers tag each post, it would have been so much easier.
An introduction to how I think about the world:
1. Myth: I wrote these to semi-explain my issues with modern fantasy writers, and to explain myself, and probably in part to understand myself a little better as well
2. Magic:

What is Cyganeria, and some random facts about me:

Faith and Imagery: Mary Magdalene,

Life, roles, and loves:

Art: Part the continuing discussion with Jenna St. Hilaire, who has convinced me it is possible to find kindred souls on the internet, and Mr. Pond, whose schedule, based much more on reality than my own, demands he abandon much of the conversation, it’s thanks to them I reflect on my ever-fluid artistic convictions at all…
Conclusion: I’m a very serious blogger. Do I discuss anything fun - ever? It doesn’t look likely, does it?


  1. I consider these things fun! Really!

  2. Thanks!! I do too, they just look so serious all together. :)

  3. Yay, you did it! Looks great. :D

    You've got Myth, Magic and Superstition in there... even if it's serious, it's fun serious. If that makes sense. ;)

  4. Oh, it does! I Loved doing those posts!