Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3 things: Random and fun

I saw this and thought it’d be fun! You’re not supposed to think much about it.

3 people I love: Seth, Yarrow, Gretchen (my oldest friend)
3 drinks today: coffee, Muscato, water
3 books this month: Beowulf, Looking for God in Harry Potter (finally, Jenna, finally), Untamed Hospitality (amazing!)
3 things I wish for: a passel of children, a month of semi-solitude, self-discipline
3 things I fear: devils in the night.. I can’t really think of anything else, actually. Devils are pretty overwhelming, and the over-enthusiastic "bold" button on blogger :(


  1. I had muscato last night, too!

    Please offer some herbs and prayers to the saints of impossible situations for me. We're going through a very hard time (you might have noticed the blogs have been languishing).

  2. I will! You get the rest of my Dormition fast too - not that there's much of it left.

    I like to recommend St. Paraskeva too - she's a patron of women..and she's amazing, so.. check her out.

    All my prayers! And another bottle of muscato (online only) on your way!

  3. Thank you, they have helped. :)