Monday, August 27, 2012

Daily Life and Other Distractions

My parents are up on another visit. I ends today. I’m hoping to fall back into a routine when they go. I can feel the summer slipping away. The nights are chilly, we still have the windows open, but we bury ourselves in blankets and drink our coffee in bed. Oatmeal is once again an attractive thought. I have so many fantastic recipes for jams and jellies to make and store away for winter-time teas. I haven’t made them, but when I’m back in my routine I will. If I ever get back in my routine.
Luba has been feeling even more neglected than usual. She’s been destroying everything when we’re gone, and now spends all our time away locked up. I think she feels safer in her cage, certain to do the right thing, with no other options. Yarrow’s been giving her reassuring pats and little hugs of love whenever she can.

I have a bunch of new fabrics to use in making pillowcases, sheets, and a cover for our old, ugly feather-bed. The feather-bed was gift from a lovely aunt of mine, but after a few years of use camping and yurting, the thing looks awful. I found some green and white fabric to cover it with, so we can put it on our bed this winter without shame.

It’s a misty morning, I spent the early hours drinking coffee with milk and stealing an hour of peace before the rest of the house awoke. It’s amazing that my Saturdays are now spent waking early and cherishing my lonely hours. I used to love sleeping late and doing nothing Saturdays, before marriage, and before moving into a home that welcomes in the early morning light.



  1. It is a highly acceptable fabric. c:

  2. I love fabric! I wish I could get comfortable with my new sewing machine!