Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day

Today, with the snow piling up outside and the wind blowing, I’m doing a lot of nothing with my time.

My husband spent the day at home with us, and the weathermen are tossing around newly-minted words like ‘snowmagedon’ and ‘ulti-blizzard’. It isn’t really, just another storm around here. But we may have about a foot so far. I can hear it wooshing off the roof, and I can see the tracks of the chickens from the coop to the warmth below the yurt. My husband is sketching, Yarrow is sleeping in her tiny bed, and I’m beyond counting cups of coffee with too much cream. Lent is on the way, and I’d like to be sick of coffee-with-cream for at least the first week, it makes the switch so much easier.

Libraries are such a blessing. I’m working my way through a small stack of books. I recently finished Gabriel Garcia-Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold . A fascinating, magical tale of the effects of an honor-killing in a town. Darkish, lonely, but rich and humid-feeling - a very textured story, making me long for summer’s hot days. 

And now we're going to ignore winter for a while, with popcorn, beer, and a couple episodes of Firefly..Blessed weekend!


  1. Too weird, we're doing the mind-reading thing again! I just watched my first episode of Firefly today!

    Snuggle in and enjoy your weekend. xx

    1. OOoh!! What do you think!!???? I LOVE Firefly. It's seriously my favorite thing to watch ever! And we watch it all the time..when the computer is charged..