Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Happy Dead

October is the dying month. My beeches are dry, earthy gold, rustling and clicking in the wind. The days are as haunted as the nights. I have candles burning all evening for all my many intentions, on the altar where St. Francis refuses to look away from Christ, a bundle of twigs at his feet to remind the saints of the coming winter. The burnt Virgin looks tired, watching the fire all night while St. Anthony spends his time hiding earrings and spoons. 
There are so many happy signs around us this week, I’m collecting them for understanding later. I watch the crows gather and play while Petka waves welcome to them, we watch the falling leaves and the shooting stars, bless our days with beads and water and wait for clarity. Good days are building in the slow month before All Soul’s.


  1. I can TASTE your autumn, the way you describe it.

  2. Thanks! I love the taste of autumn! We have fog this morning, it makes the birches look like naked dancers, and the beeches look like witches.. I love it, except that now my laundry is damp on the line.

    I'm going to post something for the fourth fridays..but it isn't good. It's fighting me, and my heart is very much in my coffee and very much not in writing this week. But that will give you a chance to tell me what's wrong!