Friday, October 12, 2012


      I’m thankful life doesn’t turn out as expected. I thought about it yesterday, on my knees in the dirt while a pig gnawed at my pant-leg and Petka clung to my arm, trying to hammer together the pallets that make up their pen. I could never have imagined myself so.. rugged. Even the activities I’d imagined for myself -writing and cleaning, throwing and baking are different. Full of the tang of reality. I think I’ve found my niche - found, not settled in - perfection is a long way off.

My house is a beautiful mess this morning, everything scattered because my mind is on other things: the child and dog competing for scrapes of breakfast, and half formed poem, the wind around the house and the cold air it brings. I’m writing - one eye on the greedy ones - at a table with cold coffee and candles stubs, empty glasses and misplaced spice jars form last night’s hot cocoa, the remains of which have just been discovered by Petka, abandoning breakfast for something better. I like having a home in the disorder, it fits me, perfection is something to strive for, to build up in dreams and slowly pursue. I’m going to spend the day bringing order to my candle stubs, leftovers, and loose papers, enjoying the process, and the inability to succeed.


  1. "I like having a home in the disorder..." so I can leave my socks anywhere?
    -The Neglected Husband

  2. To the Neglected Husband: Be CAREFUL. ;)

    "Beautiful mess"--I know you're right intellectually, that a house full of messy, happy living is beautiful, but my anxiety level has been getting the best of me!

    Just know I admire you. <3

  3. your socks aren't beautiful. ;)

    I have issues with mess in general, I come from a long line of semi-OCD people, but sometimes I can actually see the beauty n the mess, provided it's not and overwhelming mess. Socks though, socks are just frustrating. :)