Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long Evening - Early Dawn

The sun rises early now. These past few nights, while Yarrow fusses through the witching time, I wait for the first hints of gray to tell me she’ll doze off soon. Dawn is slipping in by four, and I feel as though there’s no hope for my rest if she continues her wakefulness. Today the early clouds made the dawn a bit later, and when Yarrow finally fell into a light sleep, I was grateful that her neediness gave me a ready excuse to stay in bed. When we finally woke and went outside, I found the pigs still snoring. It was a late morning for all of us, save my poor neglected husband, who had to make his own breakfast and run out into the mist. It’s on these days especially that I’m grateful for the chance to stay home. Sure there’s work to do, animals to feed, and sure I can hardly write this morning ‘cause Yarrow wants my pen, but I had a late morning pot of coffee, and I managed to eat at least some of the eggs before Yarrow got to them, and now I get an hour in town with Matka, while he’s at work, with a helpless coworker, and a long commute. Thankfully the long evening is waiting for him, his rototiller and our unfinished scrabble game stand ready.

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