Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jenna has taken the week off, and I will as well. We’ve had a few days of heavy storms this week. Storms that beat down my little lettuce plants and drowned a few of the weaker seedlings. But the sun is out today and I’m refreshed from a night of cleaning, writing, gazing at my things in the lamplight. I’d expected to be tired, but when midnight rolled around I realized that I was having one of those nights. I fell asleep at three, and woke at five to nurse a happy, well-rested little girl. Looking around this morning I thrilled again to see the results of night-time energy: a clean counter, a welcoming table, a fresh sewing table, and early drafts of articles for two little journals - one that even pays!

Since Yarrow’s birth, I rarely have the opportunity to fall into my old sleep habits. I’m hungrier for sleep now, and the late nights that used to be mine have been neglected. Each time I get a sleepless night (of my own free will) I’m grateful and refreshed.

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