Monday, April 23, 2012

Rainy-day Mondays

The rain started last evening and never stopped. It varies on intensity but the dark sky never changes. We needed the rain, it’s been a dry spring. Our rain barrels were empty, and the road is packed-down dry, a day of storm clouds and the drumming of drops is ideal for our growing things - the whole earth seems greener today.

The rain gave my husband a day off of work, we slept late and idled away the morning. Yarrow was happy to play with either of us, or laugh at Luba, who watched the rain resentfully and hide under the yurt when we put her out.

I’ve been barely blogging recently. My mother-in-law, who generally takes Yarrow for a few hours so that I can write and post, has been tending to her husband, sick with a bad cough. My intentions to go to town in the evenings to post have generally been superseded by other needs, like sleep and planting. But we seem to be through the busy patch. My seeds are sprouting, my elderberries are taking root beside the chicken coop, the chickens - reduced again by the disappearance of Bodetta - are laying like mad. I’m writing again in the evenings, and sometimes in the morning. We’re preparing for piglets in May, and new growth is everywhere around us.

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