Thursday, April 5, 2012

50 days.. Day 24

What is your favorite flower?

Sunflowers. They’re so overwhelmingly cheerful. They’re big and bright and enthusiastic. They look like summertime and they always look as though they’re tripping over themselves in their eagerness to be seen and loved. I always want to fill the house with them. Someday, when we’ve got a big area cleared, I want to plant the whole thing in sunflowers and, on some big feast day, actually fill the house with them. It would be thrilling.


  1. OK, I love the idea of your yurt filled with sunflowers. It's happy. :)

    White lilies, though lilacs are a close second. They're beautiful, they symbolize the purity of heart that I've always hoped for, they are symbolic of Christ's sacrifice, and they remind me of Lily Evans Potter as well. :)

  2. White lilies are so lovely! I also really like the red ones, though a lot of the symbolism is probably muddle by that.

    Do you know the story of St. Joseph and the's my favorite!