Friday, February 10, 2012

50 Days of Self Reflection: Day 14

What do you think is the most important personality trait for a spouse?

I’m going to skip right over honesty, because I think most people would insist on it, and go for humor, or a sense of fun. Life would be awful if it couldn’t be amusing, especially on hard days. The ability to laugh well and with love, not derision is essential.


  1. Oh, golly, another hard one.

    The two you mentioned are absolutes. Dealbreakers, if not present.

    I'm not coming up with another universal like that--might be short on imagination tonight--but there can be some that are specific to your own personality. For instance, I needed someone who took life at the same pace I do. An active social butterfly would've run me into the ground in the first couple of years. :)

  2. That'd be another deal-breaker for me as well! I get really moody and not at all fun to be around when I'm over socialized! I can imagine my poor husband dragging me around and saying "please, just smile a little bit!" or "I don't understand why you want to stay home, no one is here!" It would be awful. :)

  3. What "hard days"?!
    -The Idignant and Neglected Husband