Thursday, February 2, 2012

50 Days of Self Reflection: Day 13

What pet would best fit your life? Why? If you have one, is it the best fit?

We have a dog, Luba. I do think a dog best fits our life. Luba has 36 acres to run about in, she has chickens to smell, a baby to paw at, owners who let her curl up with them in bed, and a warm couch to sleep all night on. Luba though, is in her ungrateful teenage years. She sighs, rolls her eyes, destroys the order I try to keep, and punctuates her day with moody fits of despair. But she, and her roller-coaster of emotions do fit our life best right now, she adds her own spark of imbalance to the day; teaching me again and again that order is not always essential.


  1. I always like your Luba pictures. She's adorable. :)

    A cat was what we could get in our apartment, so that's what we have. I like Maia, too--most of the time. But at heart I'm a dog person, even though they're ten times the work. They actually love you, and that covers a multitude of wrongs.

  2. Dogs are great! I didn't realize Maia wasn't the ideal! She sound like a lot of fun to have around! But love does cover a multitude - unless that love insists on climbing into your lap while your trying to do something NOT dog-related, like stoke the fire, or eat dinner. Luba's never accepted her adulthood. :)

  3. Oh, she is a lot of fun. :) She's just not particularly affectionate, which makes it harder for me to forgive her making war on my plants. :P

    But then, I've definitely known dogs that were too affectionate. They all seem to want to be lap dogs, even when they weigh half as much as you do. So there's that. But they are very lovable. :)