Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess."
~Oscar Wilde

We are starting the year out in a good direction: excessive enthusiasm.

I love the planning of things and the arranging of things, and this month we are planning and arranging to my hearts content. My primary focus this month will be cleansing; cleansing my home and my body, as well as the cleansing and arranging of our budget and my wardrobe. Cleansing is best done as a whole - because then life is not broken up, it is holistic, harmonious.

We began work on the house as soon as we returned from visiting my rodzina for Christmas. Christmas itself always encourages me to clean out the old things I've accumulated to make way for the new, and to greet the new season. We took boxes to Goodwill and boxes to the curb, we feel freer now, with less to tie us down.

Blessed Christmas!


  1. hey bem. speaking of CLEANSING, guess who lost the usb disk with the past 4 years' worth of work on it?


  2. Oh no!
    Oh NO!
    That is the Wrong Kind of cleansing.