Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Longings don't want to be quenched
with a drink from some dull, mundane glass;
they want to be your objects portrait
and your desire's equipose-"

Our snow has melted - for the most part - in the recent rain. The whole world is soggy and grey. But in my little home, flowers are in bloom on the table, the walls are warm with books and colors, the Icons are keeping watch from their homes. I love the in-between days, when Christmas has gone and Lent is still on it's way.

I have been reading more in these days, and my reading has been so varied - the very good and the very bad, and the mediocre. I am bringing Feast of Faith to adoration to read with Christ, and enjoying it anew. So much of what I read there makes me love our pope even more, especially his dedication to beauty:

"The Church is to transform, improve, "humanize" the world - but how can she do that
if at the same time she turns her back on beauty, which is so closely allied to love?"

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I've also read Wild at Heart. Which is awful, not only because of the writing style but also because of the silly man's ideas of God and man. My husband and I read much of this book aloud, laughing at the author's desperate attempts to project his own insecurities on all men, and even on God Himself, who is apparently, "a person who takes immense risks."

Now I am going to light incense for my saints, put handles on my mugs, and set some bread to rise...or maybe make muffins.


  1. bem, what is Wild At Heart? There are nine thousand things in the world with that name. It's not that self-published-looking book about Christian manhood, is it? Don't you know those things are bad for your soul?

  2. It is that book - by John Eldredge, or some similar name. It's almost as bad as the one he co-authored with his wife on women, called "Captivating". Hunt around for it if you haven't read it already.:)