Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace."
Oscar Wilde

Autumn is truely here. My pots are piling up as I prepare for another sale; the sun is hidden behind the clouds and I am driving away the chill by firing up the kiln again. Today I am putting our life in order - my favourite occupation: cleaning, budgeting, baking, firing, and making long lists of things to do, to throw, to write, to read.

We spent the weekend up at the Common Ground fair, feeling that we somewhat lacked in common ground with many of the fair-goers, and unfortunately with many of our fellow traditional marriage supporters. I would like to like them. I would like them to be kind, loving, thoughtful people, not frustrated reactionaries. I would like the opposition to be the same, I long to discuss with them, but everyone asks first for my position, and then walks away. Whatever happened to discussion? There must be some place between the angry traditionalist and the relativism of the left - but why is it so difficult to find?


  1. Uh, Em, I think that's a Chesterton quote, actually.

  2. really...humm, maybe my source is bad, I'll check it out. Thanks Dave!

  3. ok, so I found out that I was right, it was Oscar Wilde...BUT, Chesterton is quoted as saying: "art, like morality, consists in drawing a line someplace." pretty dang similar, I think someone was borrowing from someone else! :)

    Thanks Dave, I didn't know that!